Walking/Hiking Journal Entry #2

Hanging bridge on the trail — Photo by Chris Shafer

Why do we move away from the things we know are good for us?

Walking/Hiking Journal Entry #1

Photo by Chris Shafer

Walking is the thing that keeps me connected to the better part of me. It’s how I return to a more balanced mental and emotional state. It’s how I connect to a spiritual state.

Idaho’s War on Wolves

Gray wolf (Photo/Library of Congress)

Thanks to the politicians in power, Idaho is on the verge of decimating the state’s wolf population. In 1995, thirty-five wolves were released into Central Idaho’s wilderness, a recovery effort launched by the federal government.

It’s a free country, right?

(Photo by author)

Have you ever had someone you don’t know make a disparaging remark to you because you wear a mask? That happened to me last week. Before that, it was just dirty looks from barefaced strangers.

Is There a Girl Scout Badge that Covers This?

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

Now days I refer to the week-long campout with my Girl Scout troop as idyllic. I was ten and for me it was heaven on earth. Well, except for the rescue mission that took place in an outhouse, that is.

How car decals brightened a few moments of my day during pandemic isolation

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Been feeling a little isolated this winter? Not making many in person connections — face to face, or I should say, mask to mask? Yeah, me too. So I was surprised that I felt a closeness, a kindred-spirit-like connection, with a perfect stranger, a person more than six feet away from me.

We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow suddenly, all at once, before a word has been spoken.
~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Be in the now

I am trying to be more…

My Uneasy Decision to Accept Someone with a Frightening Past

By Gwoeii on Shutterstock

My eyes darted over to Matt. He stood close by, at the kiosk next to mine. With eyes narrowed in concentration, he watched my boss Dan. Instead of greeting passing shoppers and trying to lure them in for a look at merchandise, Matt watched Dan with laser-like focus.

Not all true companions are living creatures

Photo taken by Chris Shafer

Buster the Boston Terrier was in bad shape. The injury could be fatal, broken in half and busted, again.

You never know what will become a cherished memory

Photo by Chris Boese on Unsplash

There were six steers in the small pasture. There were five of us. After squeezing through the barbed wire, we stopped and stared at the cows staring back at us. The cattle stood still, immobile like statues, except that their ears twitched off flies as the buzzing pests alighted again and again.

Moving from fear to wonder

Photo by Marcel Winger from Pexels

When Masoud walked in, the scent of his cologne filled our Cairo hotel room and my nose hairs bristled. I eyed him with suspicion. This stranger was about to expose my mother and me to an ancient culture and developing nation.

Chris Shafer

Writer, reader, animal lover, and outdoor enthusiast

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